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A daughter’s revenge is a 31 Chapters Historical Romance novel by juliyaa, which has gotten more than 151.5 Thousand views on Webnovel. Read Married to the Devil’s Son summary and more below.

A daughter’s revenge Summary

Can jealousy make a monster out of human ?General Jiang never thought so until he become a victim of one of his green-eyed friend’s plots.

And Jiang Yin Yue ,was the precious daughter of the General Jiang.
She led a happy life until one crucial night.
She has lost everything in that one night
The noble life she led happiily…,
Her loving family which she treasured most in the world…, The honour of her family which maintained for many generations…,
everything dissapeared infront of her eyes,while she was watching helplessly.

Despite losing everything,she determined to survive..
No matter how lonely,how painful ,how much surrow she felt,she thoroughly determined to survive,gathering all the courge she could manage to find..with the sole intention of avenging her family .

Now everyday,every hour,every minute ,every second,even every breathe she takes solely dedicated to succeed her mission of revenge.

Changing herself completely with a different appearance ,different character and different personality ..
She is reaching her goal step by step very patiently but still
with a traumatized mind.
On her journey she get to experience the loyalty of a human, importance and the worth of a sincere friendship and the warmth of a tender love.Experiencing those qualities,will she get her lost gentleness back?will she recover from her trauma?

Fighting with the people in power,avenging for her family’s unjust deaths ,restoring her family’s lost honor,
It is the story of a daughter who became the “PRIDE Of HER FAMILY “as her father always used to say

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A daughter’s revenge (Webnovel)

A daughter's revenge
A daughter’s revenge

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