A Beta Before an Alpha

A Beta Before an Alpha By Summer Richards

A Beta Before an Alpha Summary

A stand alone book, but also a spin off of “A mother before a Mate”

If you plan to read “A Mother before a Mate, please do so first. There are some spoilers in here.

*Book #2 in the ‘Alpha’s United’ series.

(18+ Mature scenes and language.)

Zac who was previously the Beta to Blood Moon, is now the new Alpha of Red River pack. Zac is learning the ropes, and trying to better his new pack when Lauren, a beautiful she-wolf turns up working in a bar run by humans. Zac finds himself drawn to her, he wants to get to know more, but she seems to be hiding something.

Lauren never imagined that when she found her fated mate on her birthday, that it would be the Alpha of her pack. She also never imagined that he would want nothing to do with her. When she can’t take it anymore, she flees, and ends up in a small town in the middle of nowhere, on the other side of the country.

It’s scary to start over, not knowing anyone, and cut off from having a pack, but she takes comfort in an old friend of her mothers, and maybe a new one.

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A Beta Before an Alpha
A Beta Before an Alpha

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