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A Beautiful Catastrophe is a 199 Chapters Teen novel by Macy_Bae, which has gotten more than 487.6 Thousand views on Webnovel. Read A Beautiful Catastrophe summary and more below.

A Beautiful Catastrophe Summary

After working herself to death at a young age, Senara Lee woke up in her younger self. Thankful for a second chance, she made a promise that in this life, she would live for herself. While trying to rediscover her long-lost self, she befriended Kaiden Ma—a pro gamer she met online. What she didn’t know was that he was also the world-known handsome genius and the richest heir of the East.

However, he had a little problem. One—he was way too grumpy; and two—he was mysophobic (hates touching). With his condition making it hard to find a partner, and his family pushing him for one, he made a deal with Senara to be his fake ‘girlfriend.’ And so, their hilarious and catastrophic game of fake relationship (with a twist) begins.

As Senara journeyed through her second life, alongside Kaiden and their friends, the “Guardians of Fate” laid in wait. What would they do with this romance that wasn’t supposed to be? And what was the cost of this new life she was given?

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A Beautiful Catastrophe (Webnovel)

A Beautiful Catastrophe
A Beautiful Catastrophe

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