You Rejected Me Remember? Cassandra and Miles Free Pdf

You Rejected Me Remember? is a romance novel about Cassandra and Miles. Rejected, and heart broken, Cassandra tries to end her life. However, her attempt to kill herself only starts her journey of discovering her real identity. Read to find out.

You Rejected Me Remember Excerpt About Cassandra and Miles

You Rejected Me Remember
You Rejected Me Remember

“I, Miles Walter, the future alpha of dark howl pack reject you, Cassandra Williams as my Luna and mate.”

He spat at me. I felt my heart shatter to a million pieces as my uncontrolled sobs got louder, echoing in the blocked room of the pack house.

“Accept that damned rejection and NEVER ever come in front of me again. You disgust me human! Your ‘parents’ should have just left you alone to die in the woods. Why did they save you? Perhaps I would have been gifted with another mate!” the amount of disgust he had towards me made my heart rip apart.

I didn’t know what hurt the most. His rejection or the fact that he just said that it would have been better if I died. I clenched my blouse in my fist as I bent over with pain.

Rejected. He rejected me. Never in my life had I thought that I actually would have to live through this. I maybe a human, yet being rejected was just too painful to bear.


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