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You and My Destiny is a  323 Chapters Youth Romance novel by Risma_Devana, which has gotten more than 147.6 Thousand views on Webnovel. Read You and My Destiny summary and more below.

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You and My Destiny Summary

When Raka was hurt because of the betrayal of the lover he loved the most, he had an affair with his own nemesis.

Until when he almost gave up, God brought him together with Vania, a gentle girl who proved that there is still hope in the future.

The closeness between Raka and Vania is established over time. Until Vania starts to have feelings for Raka, who is now her close friend.

When Raka begins to open his heart to Vania, his ex-girlfriend returns and asks to be given a second chance.

Destiny can change if you change what’s on your mind. Not an evil God, but your choice is wrong.

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You and My Destiny (Webnovel)

You and My Destiny
You and My Destiny

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