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When Billionaires meet is a 72 Chapters Billionaire novel by Faith Odulesi, which has gotten more than 89.9K views on Goodnovel. Read When Billionaires meet summary and more below.

When Billionaires meet Summary

Cole Britt only wanted one night stands with women he could please with his money. Karen Benson wasn’t one of those women, she was a billionaire with the perfect body. An arranged marriage that was supposed to bind them forever fails and when they meet a second time, Karen Benson is no longer the soft heart he knew. She is back, harsh, stronger and prepared for payback… or is she going to fall in love with him this time?

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When Billionaires meet Reviews (Goodnovel)

When Billionaires meet
When Billionaires meet

Nicole Macerol 
Is the story over? I see that it says ongoing but the comments are from 10 months to a year ago and I don’t want to start this if it’s never gonna be finished

Lizmin Johnson
This book is mind blowing, every character and scene looks so real, also the typos were too much maybe you could work on that too, but all others was good, I enjoyed the book. please there should be book 2. Beautiful writing keep writing …

Honey Joan Sajulla
i love it 5/10/21 thank you very much enjoyed reading 💓💚❤💜💙💓💚❤💜💙💓💚❤💜💙💓💚❤💜💙💓💚❤💜💙💓💚❤💜💙💓💚❤💜💙💓💚❤💜💙💓💚❤💜💙💓💚❤💜💙💓💚❤💜💙💓💚❤💜💙💓💚❤💜💙💓💚❤💜💙💓💚❤💜💙💓💚❤💜💙💓💚❤💜💙💓💚❤💜💙💓💚❤💜💙💓💚❤💜💙

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