VIOLET; The Xenia God

VIOLET; The Xenia God is a 2 Chapters Xuanhuan novel by Red Ink, which has gotten more than 34 views on moboreader. Read VIOLET; The Xenia God summary and more below.

VIOLET; The Xenia God Summary

Violet falls in love with a man who had hurt her in her past life. In this life too, he is ruthless but she can’t seem to hate him no matter what he does to her. However, fate plays a trick, and the man from her past gets drawn to her but only for a secret that is hidden, even from Violet.

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VIOLET; The Xenia God Reviews (Moboreader)

VIOLET The Xenia God
VIOLET The Xenia God


It’s a shame the story hasn’t been updated with chapters.


I like the content of this book. hope every day I like it very much. It’s like my friends accompany me. do

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