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Villainess Becomes The Knight is a 275 Chapters Historical Romance novel by nishidurani, which has gotten more than 1.2 Million views on Webnovel. Read Villainess Becomes The Knight summary and more below.

Villainess Becomes The Knight Summary

Abigail Essendson, the prideful daughter of George Essendson, Duke of the Forchestire Empire, had everything, money, respect, a strong image in high society, and loving and caring parents.
But she made a mistake, she accepted the proposal for marriage by the archduke, Gerard Wiltshire, cousin of the crown prince.
The man wanted nothing but money to strengthen his power so that he could attack the crown prince, which eventually he did and took over the empire.
And that was the fall of Abigail’s family too, who was loyal to the crown. Her whole family was killed in the massacre. Her brother sacrificed his life to save hers.
She blamed herself for everything as she was the one who chose Gerard over the crown prince. She trained hard, as a strong knight she was. She tried to kill Gerard by herself, but alas, she wasn’t that strong to handle his whole army.
“Even if you will ever be reborn, you will never be able to defeat me. You and your family will die from my hands.” Gerard laughed as she was taking her last breaths.
“I will. I will come back later to take revenge and will snatch everything back from you.” These were her last words when she died.
But not like the books she read, she did not go back in time. Instead, she was born again in the 21st century as a doctor, but the guilt never left her alone. One day, as she tried to save a little girl, she got hit by a truck and was transmigrated back to her previous life as Abigail.
At last, God finally listened to her pleas. After she woke up, she was back in her previous life when she was 16. Would she be able to fulfill her wish this time?

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Villainess Becomes The Knight (Webnovel)

Villainess Becomes The Knight
Villainess Becomes The Knight

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