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Truth or Dare is a 24 Chapters LGBT+ novel by Katharine O’Neill, which has gotten more than 93.8 Thousand views on Webnovel. Read Truth or Dare summary and more below.

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Truth or Dare Summary

Philip was looking forward to spending Christmas with his boyfriend in a cabin near the Scottish border. His plan to propose there was ruined when he discovered his now ex in bed with another guy. He’s heartbroken and doesn’t want to think about the ex for a long time. Which is made easy with two very hot lawyers. Stepbrothers Michael and Aiden are not happy with their little brother’s actions. They find it disrespectful, and they want to cheer Philip up. Their solution: go with Philip to the cabin and celebrate Christmas together. The secret couple are more than a bit keen on Philip, which is made clear pretty quickly A simple adult game takes a turn, which has Philip wondering if he can handle two guys on a more long-term basis …

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Truth or Dare (Webnovel)

Truth or Dare
Truth or Dare

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