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Transcending Shaolin is a 7 Chapters Martial Arts novel by One_Sword_Immortal, which has gotten more than 15.0 Thousand views on Webnovel. Read Transcending Shaolin summary and more below.

Transcending Shaolin Summary

“Where am I?” The Lord Commander asked confusedly. “Hey! Nkosi!? Where’s your head at?” A middle aged oriental man in Shaolin robes asked. Looking around, he saw that he was in some sort of training grounds surrounded by teens in rows ranging from 14-18 years old. Looking down at himself he see’s that his skin is as dark as the night sky. Touching his foreign body, quite the foundation for martial knowledge has been laid, but still lacking. Noticing all the teens were all crouched in some weird stance, with faces red and dripping in sweat from overexertion. He then realized he was in the middle of some endurance training. Looking up at the middle aged man who’s name he does not yet know, he asked apathetically ”Who are you to speak to me mortal?” The lord commander looks at the man with complete disregard for life in his eyes.

Nkosi Johnson an average African American kid from Chicago, IL, one day has his whole life changed when a legendary Immortal’s soul decides to take refuge in the first person he’s seen, intending to recuperate from heavens wrath while failing his transcendence to Godhood. Yet what he failed to notice was the child’s spirit was too strong in his moment of weakness, which leads to his spirit being absorbed by Nkosi, marking the quiet death of a legendary figure, and rising from the ashes, marking the birth of a new one.

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Transcending Shaolin (Webnovel)

Transcending Shaolin
Transcending Shaolin

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