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Things students from developing countries must bear in mind while choosing a course of study

Choosing a Course of Study

To gain admission in the tertiary institution has always been the desire of most secondary (high) school leavers, especially in developing countries with Nigeria as a case study. This is due to several reasons like peer pressure, family pressure, quest for knowledge, desire to innovate, etc. let me throw little light on some of these reasons listed above.

Peer pressure:

An average Nigerian teenager will want to go into college if his/her sees that his or her friends are already in collage, especially when those friends try to brag about their admissions.

Family pressure:

Most Nigerian parents desire so much to see that their children obtained university education, some Nigerian parents are ready to sell whatever treasure they have to make sure that their kids become graduates of a tertiary institution.

Quest for knowledge:

Back in secondary school, some students are motivated by their teachers to learn more about a topic, the teachers often tell them that “so and so knowledge they will get when the get into the university”, hence, in order to obtain such knowledge, some students vow to go to university.

Desire to innovate:

Some students are naturally gifted, and they only way they feel they can advance their knowledge is to go the university and learn more. Also, when some of these gifted kids start creating things, people often encourage them to go to university so they can learn more, with this encouragement, the kid believes that it is by going to the university that he/she can learn more and innovate. Again, some bright kids that are innovate and are good at invention believe that they can do more and better when they go to university, hence, they will desire so much to go to university so they can design those things their heart yearn for.

All of these reasons and many are the reasons why Nigerian kids desire so much to attain university education. 

University education is very good, but sometimes what we plan before going there is not what we get, especially in Nigeria where a candidate will apply for a particular course with all his heart, only to be giving admission to study a course he/she never dreamt of. Sometimes also, the lecturers the universities make matters worse from the way they teach, some lecturers can make you lose interest in a particular course due to how he/she teaches the course. However, considering the fact that one should not be discouraged by some of these things, any potential college student should have a clear image of what lies ahead in life. So and so can be the driving force for attending college, but point should not be forgotten, and that is “if you cannot create wealth and make a living from your college education, then it’s not worth the time effort.” Tertiary Education for sure will make you exposed, open your mind to information and knowledge amidst other benefits, but if you cannot pay your bills after graduating from college, if you still depend on people for livelihood after graduating from the university, then there is a problem. Most people learn this late in life, and I don’t want you to make same mistake.

Therefore, to avoid making this mistake I am writing this piece of article and I have one information for you, which is, before you chose a course of study, make sure it is a course that has the potential of enabling you earn a living (make money) while considering all factors surrounding you.

I learnt this in my fifth and final year in the university as a physics student in Nigeria. We were in a class learning an elective course when my professor turned round and asked us, do you know why you go to school? Everyone froze for a moment to ponder that question, some moments later, answers started pouring here and there, shortly afterwards, he smiled and told us, “you come to school, so that after studying you go out there and start making money”. Most of us objected his answer and disagreed, but four years after I graduated from the university, I have come to realize that he spoke the truth that very day. If you cannot comfortably pay your bills, take care of yourself and people around you after spending years of your life in the university, of what gain is it after all?

Before you start applying to study in a university, ask yourself these few questions:

If I study this course, how can I make money in this country with my knowledge?

Is there competition in this field in the labour market?

Can I create job for myself and others after studying this course?

Make your research and make sure the course of study you chose answers these questions satisfactorily before choosing to study the course, remember that, in life it is not how far you’ve gone we ask, it is how well you’ve gone, make a wise choice and enjoy your life.

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