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The Watchers Elementals is a 7 Chapters Xuanhuan novel by Davies Aanuoluwa, which has gotten more than 127 views on moboreader. Read The Watchers Elementals summary and more below.

The Watchers Elementals Summary

When the wild lighting was invoked by an unknown person, it throws the secret world of the Ànjanu– Guardians of the five portals to hell upside down. Mikel Adele, an Ànjanu prince who thought himself human was brought into the secret ancient war between demons and the watchers.

But this time, it may not remain secret because the watchers themselves are picking sides and the wild lightning will claim its master. Adike Coldbreaker, the heir to one of the powerful portal watches will face her greatest challenge yet and also answer the question of what happened fourteen years ago when her mother died. Love and war power and ambition.

What will happen to the human world if the wild lighting isn’t tame? When the Watch Lord themselves take to the sky and fight with fire and ice, air and earth.

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The Watchers Elementals Reviews (Moboreader)

The Watchers Elementals
The Watchers Elementals


It’s a very interesting and interesting book where you can see lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of interesting things


What a nice book


it’s interested,i like that

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