The Unknown Lycan Princess

The Unknown Lycan Princess by Nina Overley is a romance novel about a young girl named Beth who discovers that she is the daughter of a powerful lycan king and the mate of a handsome alpha named Ethan. Read The Unknown Lycan Princess summary.

The Unknown Lycan Princess Summary

Beth is a normal girl who lives with her adoptive parents and has no idea about her true identity. She has always felt different from others and has a strange connection with animals.

One day, she is attacked by a group of men who claim to be from a rival pack and want to kidnap her. She is saved by Ethan, a handsome and mysterious man who reveals that he is the alpha of the Silver Moon pack and her mate. He also tells her that she is the daughter of the lycan king, who is the ruler of all werewolves, and that she has a powerful gift that can change the fate of their world. Beth is shocked and confused by this revelation and struggles to accept her new reality.

She also has to deal with the dangers and enemies that come with being the lycan princess, as well as the jealousy and resentment of some pack members who do not approve of her. As she falls in love with Ethan and learns more about her heritage, she also discovers secrets and lies that will test her loyalty and trust. Will Beth be able to embrace her destiny and protect her mate and her pack? Or will she lose everything she holds dear? Find out in this thrilling and romantic story of The Unknown Lycan Princess.

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The Unknown Lycan Princess
The Unknown Lycan Princess

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