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The Son Of The Demon King is a 30 Chapters War&Military novel by MARSH5MALLOW, which has gotten more than 4.8 Thousand views on Webnovel. Read The Son Of The Demon King summary and more below.

The Son Of The Demon King Summary

Long ago during the Saint war between the Celestial clan against the Demon clan,it was all probable that the the Human clan will also take part in the since it happened in their planet. Since the humans had thesame objectif with the Demon clan,they allied with the Celestial clan to fight the Demons clan. After a long time of war,the Demons finally burried the axe of war and left for some time.
After the war ended,the human and the goddess clan went on alert as they never were sure that the Demons will just accept their defeat and will attack at any moment. A lwa was written the if a member of either the Human or the Demon clan were to be seen cooperating or having something to do,they will be killed immediately.
The Demon King which was the ruler of the Demon clan fell in love with the daughter of the Queen of the goddess clan and had a son. It was forbidden and she knew that if her mother was to hear about that,she will be killed immediately without any hesitation. The Queen later on discovered that and sent her Elites to get her daughter and the son.
Having no choice,she ran to the Human clan and let her child at the door of the Zolritch mansion and left a word by his side in a basket. She also left a box which he was to be given on his 16th anniversary. The Elites of her mother soon got her after she faught for a while against them and was brought to her mum back to her clan. They were never able to find her child and just let it be.
As her son grew older,he discorvered that he wasn,t the child of those he took as his parents and started looking for his parent. But a much more shocking event awaits him during his adventur

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The Son Of The Demon King (Webnovel)

The Son Of The Demon King
The Son Of The Demon King

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