The Revenge of the Ceo Wife

“The Revenge of the CEO’s Wife” is a romance novel by Mr. Rams that explores the tumultuous journey of betrayal, resilience, and retribution. When Jillian Ramos discovers her fiancé cheating with her sister, her world shatters. In her darkest moment, she encounters Shane Lincoln, a powerful CEO with secrets of his own. This fateful meeting sets the stage for a gripping tale of love, revenge, and unexpected redemption.

The Revenge of the Ceo Wife Summary

Jillian Ramos owns a small adult toys business named Sweet Love Inc. One night, she receives an order for delivery to a luxurious hotel. To her shock, the customer is none other than Ronan Smith, her long-time fiancé, and the worst part is the woman with him is her own sister, Amber! Feeling cheated, betrayed, and devastated, Jillian goes to the hotel bar and gets drunk, seeking solace in a haze of alcohol.

In her drunken state, a mysterious, handsome, and noble man saves her from potential danger. “Handsome, do you want to sleep with me?” Jillian asks. “There’s a price to pay for sleeping with me, are you sure?” the man responds. Jillian, determined and still under the influence, smiles and says, “Yes, I’m sure. I have money, I can pay you.” She pulls out her purse, taking out all her money. “You count it, and if it’s not enough, I can withdraw more.” The man is taken aback, realizing she is serious and not joking.

What Jillian doesn’t know is that this man is Shane Lincoln, the CEO of Lincoln Group and the richest man in the country. As he looks at the drunk woman before him, he snorts, amused yet intrigued by her boldness. Little does Jillian realize, this chance encounter will lead to unexpected and life-changing consequences in her journey of heartbreak and new beginnings.

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the revenge of the ceo wife
the revenge of the ceo wife

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