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The New Toy is a 37 Chapters Fantasy Romance novel by Sultry Sky , which has gotten more than 62.2 Thousand views on Webnovel. Read The New Toy summary and more below.

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The New Toy Summary

In the middle of the night, young Euroah Minari’s life changes forever. A dark twist of fate occurs and she finds herself captured and sold off to the highest bidder. Now a slave living in a whole new world of advanced technology, she must learn to cope with her new reality, make new friends, and learn how to please her master.

Zion Velucia is a 29 year old business man. At a young age, he inherited the massive family fortune and became the CEO of the largest technology company in the kingdom of Symphonia. An empty hearted man who trusts no one. He’s lived his entire life knowing that everyone around him is after something and wants to use him for their own benefit.

But when he sees an innocent girl on the auction block, she brings back pieces of his past that he’s hidden away for so many years. Can Euroah bring out a side to him he thought he’d driven out? Or will his being accustomed to getting exactly what he wants stand in the way of obtaining what his soul truly craves?

You can’t escape destiny!

This novel is not meant for anyone under the age of 18. It contains very descriptive scenes of sex, fantasies, and other adult themes and topics. Reader discretion is advised.

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The New Toy (Webnovel)

The New Toy
The New Toy

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