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The New Guy is a 100 Chapters Contemporary Romance novel by yoojee, which has gotten more than 57.1 Thousand views on Webnovel. Read The New Guy summary and more below.

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The New Guy Summary

When Yoon Se Ah, an ordinary office worker, meets Lee Min Hyun, their department’s new intern, she thinks of him no more than a fool in love. However, as their relationship develops, her life makes its turn for the worst, throwing her at his mercy in the end.

Turns out that Min Hyun, the very same guy that was groveling at Se Ah’s feet is actually a dangerous and unstable person who has been obsessed with her ever since their first encounter. And he knows the dark truth about the past she’s been trying so hard to hide from everybody else.

With Min Hyun’s unsettling feelings, his dangerous family drama, and Se Ah’s own contradicting desires, who is the actual bad guy there? And will both of them get what they want in the end?

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The New Guy (Webnovel)

The New Guy
The New Guy

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