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The Mafia King’s First Love Summary

The Mafia King’s First Love – Meet the Mafia King, whose fearsome reputation in the Underworld spread far and wide! But he hides behind the identity of a billionaire CEO. Money? Power? Handsome? All check! Except that he had a teensy tiny problem – his ZERO EQ that failed him to understand emotions.

Until the day Song Lihua walks in his life.

Song Lihua’s simple aim in life was to get a job and earn money. But a chance encounter with the Mafia King makes her fall in love with him at first sight.

She declares to win his heart one day. But to her shock, the Mafia King himself becomes her next door neighbor! Together with her, the emotions in deep slumber within him began to awaken.

Hiding a dark secret from her, the Mafia King slowly grows closer to her. But as he faces a threat that could bring the truth to light, he does something unimaginable to stop Lihua from leaving.

Amidst the hidden conspiracies of the Underworld, what will the Mafia King do to keep her by his side? How far will he go to hide his secret?

“You are my first love that brought this empty shell of my heart back to life. You have a place in my heart no one else could ever have.” – The Mafia King.

**Scene excerpt**

“Boss, please tell me the source of your skills!” Lihua sobbed.

“Cookbooks. Videos.”

“That’s it? You mastered such awesome skills just by that?”

“They are too easy.”

“If it’s that easy then why am I suffering like this?”

The clueless Mafia King absolutely didn’t mean any harm or mockery to her self-esteem by saying the next words.

“Lack of talent.”

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The Mafia King’s First Love (Online)

The Mafia King's First Love
The Mafia King’s First Love

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