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The Lady Vampire and Her Lover Summary

The Lady Vampire and Her Lover  – I’m not going to find you so you can live happily.

Katherine Maxwell is a vampire who ran away from her family to marry Javier, the human who managed to make her fall in love. Not wanting to be chased by her family anymore, Katherine finally chose to go to her family, to sort things out again.

However, when Katherine returned, what she found was not her husband’s warm smile, but her husband lying on the floor covered in blood. Katherine then asked Luca, her witch servant to resurrect her husband using forbidden magic.

Unfortunately, the magic didn’t work and Katherine had to accept the harsh reality of letting her husband go.

While trying to move on with her life, Katherine meets James, a completely different man from Javier, but Katherine can feel that James is Javier, but once again, Katherine must be separated from the person she loves.

Katherine initially thought it was just a coincidence and kept looking for her Javier but when she had to lose her Javier 9 times, Katherine didn’t feel that way anymore. This is a curse!

Katherine finally decided not to look for her Javier anymore, because then he could live.

However, as if fate was playing a trick on her, Katherine met Javier again, this time, not only did he have the same name, the man’s face also looked similar to the first Javier who became her husband.

Would Katherine be able to stop herself from falling in love with someone who looked like her first love when he was chasing her?

Will she run away, or allow herself to feel love again?

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The Lady Vampire and Her Lover (Online)

The Lady Vampire and Her Lover
The Lady Vampire and Her Lover

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