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The King of Spades is a  36 Chapters Fantasy novel by JRP, which has gotten more than 44.3 Thousand views on Webnovel. Read The King of Spades summary and more below.

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The King of Spades Summary

For all my readers, I’m sorry to announce that I am no longer going to continue posting at Webnovel

This is NOT because I want to stop the story or anything, rather it’s because if I was to continue in Webnovel and get contracted, I would lose all rights to my novel and it wouldn’t be mine anymore.
But don’t worry, I am still going to post my novel, just at another site: specifically, Royal Road.

There, although I won’t get a guaranteed contract, I can still earn money if my novel becomes popular and I start a patreon.
Once again, for all the loyal readers of “The King of Spades”…Thank you, so so much! your support and reviews have always been a real motivator for me to continue, and if you wish to continue reading, you can search ‘The King of Spades’ in Royal Road

Another Note!!:
You might notice that there will be a few changes in the Royal Road version, that is because I polished the main characters personality. It’s not a big change really so don’t worry. it’s more like this:
Because of being abandoned the MC swore to improve himself as much as he can in order to survive since he is under the thought that no one would cherish him if he stayed the same.
The whole desperate for survival is only briefly foreshadowed as it will slowly but surely be explored in future chapters. This way, the MC’s actions wouldn’t be so random, and there is a sense of direction for his character.

The world was out of nowhere bathed by a mysterious blue energy that led to people suddenly receiving “Gifts” . A power that gave them supernatural abilities they’ve never seen nor experienced before according to each individual’s nature, ambition, and mindset.

Follow the story of Jericho, an orphaned boy abandoned by his parents at a very young age of a few months old.

He was born with a peculiarly strong memory so he was able to remember clearly the day his parents abandoned him, which shaped his nature and attitude. Due to this action he swore to never expect something from anyone unless he further betters himself.

Either through luck or through fate, because of the phenomenon, he received a gift that allowed him to infinitely train past the physical limit of his body, allowing him to surpass the limits of former humanity through time.

But what can this boy do to make his gift blossom? Will blood, sweat, and tears be enough? or will luck and opportunities truly be a factor when you consider that many too had the fortune of receiving gifts of their own?

someone whose tempered will to survive gained him a special yet peculiar gift. What will he do in a world that now brought fantasy to reality?

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The King of Spades (Webnovel)

The King of Spades
The King of Spades

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