The First Legendary Beast Master

“The First Legendary Beast Master” by Aoki_Aku is a fantasy novel that transports readers to the Golden Dragon Nation, where magic determines one’s destiny. Born into a humble mining family, Karl’s only hope for a better future lies in an experimental injection that could awaken his magical affinity. As he embarks on this life-changing journey, Karl discovers a unique power that sets him apart, driving him to become the nation’s first Legendary Beast Master amidst a world teeming with human and monstrous adversaries.

The First Legendary Beast Master Summary

Born into a dirt-poor mining family, Karl had only one chance to get ahead in life: the annual elite recruitment day. On the final day of middle school, every student in the Golden Dragon Nation received an experimental injection to awaken their affinity with magic. Those who succeeded would become the Elite, the leaders and idols of the nation, blessed with incredible magical powers and respected by all. Those who did not would return to their normal lives of hard work and low wages, just doing the best they could.

But with the nation surrounded by enemies, both humans and monsters, how long would these peaceful days of magical idols last? Follow the story of Karl as he awakens a unique power and strives to become the world’s first Legendary Beast Master.

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The First Legendary Beast Master
The First Legendary Beast Master

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