The Female CEO Turned Janitor

The Female CEO Turned Janitor is a Chinese drama series that tells the story of a successful businesswoman who has to disguise herself as a janitor at a hotel after being framed by her enemies. She meets the hotel’s owner, who is also her ex-boyfriend, and tries to clear her name while rekindling their romance. Read The Female CEO Turned Janitor plot summary below.

The Female CEO Turned Janitor Summary

  • The series begins with Su Yan Xi, the CEO of a famous fashion company, attending a charity auction with her boyfriend Gu Xi Cheng, the owner of a hotel chain. They are a power couple in the business world, but they have a secret: they are actually childhood sweethearts who were separated by a car accident 10 years ago. They only reunited recently and decided to keep their relationship low-key until they announce their engagement.
  • However, their happiness is short-lived when Su Yan Xi is accused of embezzling funds from her company and causing the death of a model. She is arrested and taken away by the police, leaving Gu Xi Cheng stunned and heartbroken. He tries to contact her, but she refuses to answer his calls or explain anything to him. He feels betrayed and angry, and decides to break up with her.
  • Su Yan Xi is actually innocent, but she is framed by her twin sister Su Yan Na, who is jealous of her success and wants to take over her company and her boyfriend. Su Yan Na has been secretly working with Su Yan Xi’s rival, Liang Zhi Hao, who is also Gu Xi Cheng’s cousin and business competitor. They plan to ruin Su Yan Xi’s reputation and take everything from her.
  • Su Yan Xi manages to escape from prison with the help of her loyal assistant, Lin Xiao Jie. She finds out that her sister and Liang Zhi Hao are behind her downfall, and vows to expose them and get her company back. She also wants to prove her innocence to Gu Xi Cheng, but she knows he won’t believe her easily. She decides to disguise herself as a janitor at his hotel, hoping to get close to him and find evidence against her enemies.
  • At the hotel, Su Yan Xi meets many interesting people, such as the kind-hearted manager, the gossip-loving receptionist, the handsome chef, and the quirky guests. She also has to deal with the challenges of being a janitor, such as cleaning the rooms, fixing the pipes, and catching the rats. She tries to avoid Gu Xi Cheng, but fate keeps bringing them together. She sees that he is still hurt by her betrayal, and tries to make him happy by doing small things for him, such as leaving him notes, making him coffee, and singing him songs. She also saves him from several dangers, such as a fire, a robbery, and a kidnapping. She gradually wins his trust and friendship, and he starts to develop feelings for her, not knowing that she is his ex-girlfriend.
  • Meanwhile, Su Yan Na and Liang Zhi Hao are not satisfied with destroying Su Yan Xi’s career, and they want to ruin her life as well. They hire assassins to kill her, but they always fail. They also try to sabotage Gu Xi Cheng’s hotel, but they are always stopped by Su Yan Xi. They become suspicious of the janitor, and try to find out her identity. They also try to seduce Gu Xi Cheng, but he rejects them.
  • As the series progresses, Su Yan Xi gathers more clues and evidence against her sister and Liang Zhi Hao, and exposes their crimes to the public. She also reveals her true identity to Gu Xi Cheng, and apologizes for lying to him. He is shocked and angry at first, but he soon forgives her and confesses his love for her. They reunite and get engaged, and plan to get married.
  • However, Su Yan Na and Liang Zhi Hao are not willing to give up, and they plot one last scheme to separate them. They kidnap Su Yan Xi on her wedding day, and threaten to kill her unless Gu Xi Cheng gives up his hotel and his fortune. Gu Xi Cheng agrees to their demands, and rushes to save Su Yan Xi. He fights with Liang Zhi Hao, and they both fall off a cliff. Su Yan Na tries to escape, but she is caught by the police.
  • Su Yan Xi is rescued, but she is devastated by Gu Xi Cheng’s disappearance. She thinks he is dead, and she falls into a coma. She wakes up a year later, and finds out that her company and Gu Xi Cheng’s hotel are doing well, thanks to Lin Xiao Jie and the hotel staff. She also finds out that Gu Xi Cheng is alive, and he has been looking for her. He finally finds her, and they have a tearful reunion. They get married, and live happily ever after.


the female ceo turned janitor
the female ceo turned janitor

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