The Evening Star

The Evening Star By S.E Dymek

The Evening Star Summary

Claire is in training to take over her cousins trades business. She is out to prove herself and nothing or no one is getting in her way. Her first voyage out to sea to complete her first assignment the unthinkable happens. her ship is attacked by pirates. Staring at the ship attacking them and then the tall dark captain; Something feels familiar. The Captain feels familiar. The Captain of the pirates is in debt and over his head in a bad situation. Not only does he owe a notorious pirate who is now calling himself the king of all pirates. He just became and enemy of the crown. Could this golden hair feisty annoying woman be his under cover angel? Will Claire help him right his wrongs and in return him help her prove that she is worthy of running her cousins business. Book two in The Morning Star saga

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The Evening Star
The Evening Star

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