The Dragon King out of Jail 

The Dragon King out of Jail is a web novel written by Liam Patton,The novel belongs to the urban genre, and it has 25 chapters as of April 2023. The novel tells the story of Tristan Quain, a man who committed crimes for his girlfriend for three years, but was abandoned by her on the day he was released from prison. He then discovers that he has a hidden identity as the Dragon King, a powerful and legendary martial artist who can control the dragon force.

The Dragon King out of Jail Summary

The novel follows Tristan’s journey as he transforms from a disgraced and humiliated ex-convict to a respected and feared martial arts master. He joins a secret organization called the Dragon Society, where he learns from the best teachers and meets new friends and allies. He also finds out that he has a mysterious system that helps him improve his skills and abilities, and gives him access to various resources and opportunities.

Tristan faces many challenges and enemies, such as the Wang family, who are his ex-girlfriend’s relatives and his main rivals in business and martial arts. He also encounters other threats, such as the Black Dragon Gang, the Dark Sect, and the Shadow Force.

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The Dragon King out of Jail
The Dragon King out of Jail

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