The Defiant Mate by Jennifer Francis

The Defiant Mate is a werewolf romance novel by Jennifer Francis. The Defiant tells the story about Jay-la of blood moon pack, who was banished never to come back by Alpha Nathan of her pack The Defiant Mate. Read summary and more below.

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The Defiant Mate Summary

Jay-la is banished by the future Alpha, Alpha Nathan of her pack, Blood Moon Pack, her lover for just over a year, The Defiant Mate, told to never come back.

Jay-la leaves as alpha ordered, not turned rogue only because he is not yet the Alpha in charge. When she asks her wolf Kora why she strikes the future Luna with claws out Kora responds, “to protect pup.”

She returns to university to live on campus to finish her law degree, stays in the human world working as divorce lawyer, staying away from her pack, away from the future Luna who hates her and she knows would never tolerate her pups. A secret no one knows about.

Six years she has been away when she gets an official pack letter to return home, she burns it and defies the new Alpha in charge’s order, Alpha Nathan, to come home.

He will bring her in no matter what. She will never go back. She will fight to stay in the human world, away from him and his Luna who would harm her children.

Confined to try and capture her in the human world, as she is well known to the humans around her and can not suddenly just go missing, can he bring her in and return her to his pack, to his side where she belongs?

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The Defiant Mate Reviews (Goodreads)

The Defiant Mate
The Defiant Mate


The book is really good! I get frustrated with how the mate bond works even after dealing with a traumatic experience but nothing to do with the writing – its just in general.


This started really well then took a dive towards the end. I do like shifter romances and I like that she did defy the bond for a time but things did resolve so quickly it didn’t flow well for me. Towards the end her human life is completely disregarded, what about her close friends? Her boss would have surly put up more of a fight? A bit meh!

I also struggled with the Wolf presents a bit, I didn’t enjoy havoc at all as a character and the wolves feel very disconnected to their human counterparts in this story. It was almost creepy with them in the back of their mind all the time.

It was enjoyable to read but lots of things missing for me.

Jacqueline Harris

I just hated that she went back to him. That she went back to all of them when they all treated her so badly. Everyone in her ‘friends’ and ‘family.’ They all loved her so much but never called for six years? She is traumatized over and over and yet her ‘friends’ are still laughing and joking about her getting laid soon?
She only blames herself for all the bad things inflicted on her. Everything is her fault.

And then there’s Nathan. He didn’t care about her feelings at all. And his feelings are so shallow. Even after losing his mate he never thought about his friend. The mate bond kicks in and that’s it he will have her even if he has to r@pe her and force her. He is Alpha and can do whatever he wants. He never showed real care or any real feelings.

The whole time I was just hoping for her to find someone else. Someone not selfish that actually treats her right. Not as an after thought. I really wanted her to find a new mate. I wanted that toxic, violent Alpha Nathan to live in regret for his actions. I heard they may be a second book. If somehow that happens I will take back my low rating.


Very interesting at first then suddenly it is the end of the story already. Would have been better if she first tried living with her grandmother with new alpha love interest

Still i liked the story and kept me up all night to finish it.

Donyae Coles 

I chose not to give this any rating at all because I don’t think that would be helpful.

This book was entertaining for what it was. It was well paced which is hard so good job there. It was also not very well written. Even so, I think if the author took some time to learn craft (grammar, how to write dialogue, how to world build etc) they could probably be a pretty good paranormal romance author.

The story has some fun moments with some unexpected characterizations but it is pretty cliché. Still, I had a good time so I hope the author keeps working on their craft!


Wouldn’t be bad but a lot of inner monologue which is more like rambling about the same things from 2 POV right after each other. Jay-la is more hot headed even though she has kids. Doesn’t she ever sit down and think through things? Skimming it was an ok read but I don’t have a lifetime to waste it on repetitive inner monologues. The end is kinda abrupt with very little explanation. I think even the author got bored that’s why its finished so suddenly.

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