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The Brave New World is a 246 Chapters Fantasy novel by Michael_Ryman, which has gotten more than 1.1 Million views on Webnovel. Read The Brave New World summary and more below.

The Brave New World Summary

It is January 2nd, 2035. In New York, leaders of all the world’s nations are assembling to agree on a plan to save the dying planet: Earth. Of course it’s a lie, because the planet isn’t about to die. People will.

As it often happens when something starts with a lie, disaster strikes. A mysterious electromagnetic storm destroys the global power grid, and cuts communications. Many people die, some commiting suicide because of the inability to post on Instagram.

But as soon as the storm dies down, millions of mysterious, glowing cubes appear all over the globe. The cubes contain tools that will let humans colonize a new planet: a bigger, richer version of Earth.

The newly formed Colonial Council, which answers to the United Nations, has only one goal: to ease the crisis on Earth by transfers of goods and resources from the New World.

Millions of new colonizers rush to the New World, united by a common purpose: to turn their dreams into reality.

Some dream of getting rich by trading New World goods. Some dream of conquest, and building an empire. Some dream of peace, adoration, and love.

Some will succeed, and others will fail.

But fortune always favors the brave.

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The Brave New World (Webnovel)

The Brave New World
The Brave New World

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