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The Billionaire’s Bargain Bride is a 71 Chapters Romance novel by Gia Hunter, which has gotten more than 127.5K views on Goodnovel. Read The Billionaire’s Bargain Bride summary and more below.

The Billionaire’s Bargain Bride Summary

Sadie Greer just turned nineteen when her father arranged her marriage to a Crypto developer Cenric Wollf over a business deal. As soon as she finished college, she finally met him, marrying the evil wrapped in a pretty thousand-dollar suit the same day. Unknown to Sadie, her husband has his own motives. Cenric Wollf has been sleeping with his enemy for years just to help take down the man behind his brothers’ death, even if it means sacrificing his own freedom. He married the daughter of his enemy. Sadie is only a part of his plan, his subject, the weak link. He’s supposed to charm her, seduce her into his , use her as his pawn. When he gets to know her, she’s nothing like her father. Cenric starts to feel something afraid he’s losing control over. He falls deeper. Contrary to what Sadie’s brother has fed her over the years, she doesn’t sense danger in the air. Cenric likes to take control to keep her safe, but nothing dark and deadly, just thrills and crazy chemistry. When she starts to get to know him, something else resurfaces. They both fall into their own trap. Cenric’s true intentions and her family secrets prevail. But nothing Cenric wouldn’t do to prove that there’s more to it than their arranged marriage, even if it means befriending the man who hurts his wife.

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The Billionaire’s Bargain Bride Reviews (Goodnovel)

The Billionaire's Bargain Bride
The Billionaire’s Bargain Bride

the storyline..the plot twist..the bonding in all amazing..worth time of reading..claps for author

Gia Hunter
Guys, thanks for giving this book a chance. Don’t forget to check out The Billionaire’s Creed and my new book, The Billionaire’s Rogue Princess.

Gia Hunter
Hey guys, I hope you are excited as I am about my new book, The Billionaire’s Creed. I’ll be uploading it very soon… Stay tuned for updates. Thank you for your love and support…

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