The Alpha’s Slave

The Alpha’s Slave By Preshpinky

The Alpha’s Slave Summary

“Strip! Don’t make me repeat my words” His croaky voice brought cold shivers down my spine. Hot tears rolled down freely from my cheeks. My name is Madison Adams, 21 years old, and I’m still a virgin, but about to lose my virginity to my ruthless master in the cruelest way. I live with my mother’s husband since she’s late. My stepfather borrowed some money from him but couldn’t pay back. I became the payment for the debt my stepfather owes the devil. Yes! I call him the devil because that’s the only word that I can use to qualify him. His name is Lucien Smith, he’s called Stone, because his heart is made of stone. He’s callous. He’s cruel, inhumane and heartless. Despite the fact that he has so many s*x slaves, he hates me so much. Why does he loathe me so much among the other slaves? I’m his slave, and he’s my master. All he has for me is hatred and lust…..

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The Alpha's Slave
The Alpha’s Slave

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