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The Alpha’s Cursed Destiny is a  40 Chapters Fantasy Romance novel by she_osprey, which has gotten more than 106.3 Thousand views on Webnovel. Read The Alpha’s Cursed Destiny summary and more below.

The Alpha’s Cursed Destiny Summary

“Patience, Tati,” Zhuri cooed. “All in good time. You know it yourself,” she reminded, “you’ve waited for centuries. What’s another night more?”

For centuries, Tatiana has watched the love of her life die and be born again. Each time, their love would be cut short by the ravages of time. However, time was never something that could dull her love for him.

If need be, she would spend her entire immortal life looking for the man she loves. However, what will happen to that love when he is reborn as a werewolf— the natural enemy to her vampirism?

Bound by destiny yet cursed by society, Tatiana must convince the love of her life, Xander, that their love is stronger than centuries of war and hatred. But in a world where wolves and vampires hate each other, in a world where their union is an anomaly, will she choose love or will she give up?

Will she fight for her love, or will she let destiny’s curse prevail again?

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The Alpha’s Cursed Destiny (Webnovel)

The Alpha's Cursed Destiny
The Alpha’s Cursed Destiny

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