Arduino Robotic and Electronic Starter Kit

Arduino kit for beginners

Buy the Ettron Robotic, Electronic and Arduino starter kit for kids, teenagers and the absolute beginner.

This kit contains all the necessary basic Arduino, Robotic and Electronic parts, for kids, teenagers, absolute beginners, enthusiasts, to start making robotic and electronic projects, and at the same time  program embedded systems.

With the guide you will get from our videos and written tutorials, you can use can comfortably use the starter kit at home.

The Starter kit contains components like Arduino Uno board, Robotic gripper parts, sensors, etc.

If you are in Nigeria or in any part of the world, and you desire to get an Arduino, Robotic and Electronic starter kit, either for yourself, your kid(s) your friends or anyone, then, the Ettron Robotic and Electronic Starter Kit is what you need.
The parts in this kit were carefully selected to introduce the basics of robotics and electronics to kids, teenagers and the absolute beginner.

When kids use this Ettron Arduino, Robotic and Electronic Starter Kit to learn, it spurns in them the desire to pursue careers in the field of science and engineering (STEM). This is the best robotic and electronic starter kit out there that comes with regular tutorials and guide on how to make projects and things.

This is the best gift you can give to a tech savvy kid.

We ship nationwide, and will be willing to ship overseas if you call for that.

Consider buying the starter kit today. When you buy, you will get access to:

  1. Free technical support.
  2. Free regular video and written tutorials on how to use the Ettron Robotic and Electronic starter kit to make projects.

To buy,
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