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Super Gene is a 3,462 Chapters manga sci-fi novel by Twelve-Winged Dark Seraphim which has garnered more than 133.9M Views on webnovel. It was translated and edited by Nyoi-Bo Studio. Read Super Gene summary and more below.

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Super Gene Summary

In the magnificent interstellar era, mankind has finally developed teleport technology, but when trying to teleport, they are not sent to the future, the past, or any land known to men…

This mysterious space is called God’s Sanctuary, where lived numerous unknown creatures. Here, humans will make the greatest leap in their evolution to create the most glorious epoch in history.

“Sacred-blood creature black beetle killed. Beast soul of sacred-blood black beetle gained. Eat the meat of sacred-blood black beetle to gain 0 to 10 geno points randomly.”

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Super Gene Reviews

Super Gene
Super Gene


Han Sen (protagonist) is currently located on “gods sanctuary” a world only accessible via teleportation where technology losses its function and is inhabited by dangerous creatures, the upside is that by consuming the creatures of this world your body starts to evolve and your lifespan increases. come join us as Han Sen goes around catching and eating all the creatures of this new world.



I really liked the story. But now the chapters are locked. You can only unlock them with 6 Spirit Stones ( watching ads is not possible).
If every story would do this I could only read 2 chapters a day! I’m currently reading 20 novels on Qidian … that would be impossible if every chapter costs spiritstones!

I’m going to boycott the locked chapters because I don’t want this to spread!


Oh, so we’re in the “genes” now? The age of “assassins transmigrating” novels, “cultivation chat group/red packet server”bnovels, “transmigrating with system” novels and etcetera etcetera is over… The age of “traveling to a new world that centers on genes” is starting. Lol.

Ignore that. Well, I haven’t read a lot of “gene” novels out there so I’m gonna try this out (~_^)


I wouldn’t waste my time reading this. Nothing against the translators, but the author did NOT write a good story. The plot is nonexistent and includes stupid tricks and plot armour. The world building is tripe. The COINCIDENCES and actions of the characters are just fucking annoying to the extreme.


first thing : I enjoy this novel
the reasons :
– the MC s poised, he keeps his calm even when he is insulted, as he needs to protect his family, so far he’s the only that’s really done that in what I’ve read, at the same time he doesn’t let weaker people step on him when it shouldn’t happen
– the MC is not a complete cheat like existence like it often happens, there is a system but everyone has access to it. so far there’s only one time during which it can be said there’s plot armor (the stone)
– In the “cultivation world” there cannot be the intervention of someone overwhelmingly stronger as they go to other areas after becomming strong enough and they can’t come back, I think it is great for the stability of the novel, and it enshures there won’t be a ridiculous jump in strength coming from nowhere for the MC
– the world building has started in the 70ish chapters, so don’t worry about it, in any case the novel is likely to have more than 600 chapters (or so I think – in any case it does have a great potential in terms of number of chapters)

the last point leads to me criticizing the haters : how THE HELL can you criticize a novel on its world building when you’ve only read as few as 10-20-30 chapters ???!? are you for real ?! I mean, seriously all the novels I’ve read on Qidian so far are bound to have hundreds if not more than a thousand chapters, just give the novels a chance to grow and set a foundation for the characters before the world, you are just being ridiculous otherwise, it’s like relying on first impression to categorize people, it’s nonsensical

Thanks for reading me 🙂

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