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Summoner: Legion of Heroes – In a world where nothing seemed amiss, our tale commences in the most commonplace setting – a coffee shop. There, in the midst of daily hustle and bustle, we find our protagonist, Jack Young. An avid university gamer, Jack is submerged in defeat and frustration after losing a game. Little did he know, this was just the beginning of a much bigger game…

As destiny’s call echoes, Jack finds himself transported from the coffee shop to a world beyond anything he’d ever imagined. This alternate universe presents a realm where the history of the real world intertwines with fantasy, and Jack holds the power to summon heroes and dazzling beauties from the annals of history. It’s in this mystic world that Jack, with the help of an enigmatic system, embarks on a journey from an ordinary student to a great emperor, unifying a fragmented world under his reign.

Yet, as Jack rises, a cataclysm looms. The system of this world begins to crumble, and a new, menacing system threatens to rise from the ashes, overthrowing everything Jack has achieved.

As chaos sets in and the world teeters on the brink of devastation, Jack, our valiant protagonist, chooses not to retreat. He steps forward, ready to stand against the storm, to protect his realm, to battle against the impending doom…

And so, a saga of courage and defiance begins… Stay with us, for this is just the dawn of an epic journey… one where a young gamer turns savior. Welcome to Jack’s world, where heroes are summoned, empires rise, and destiny is challenged.

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Summoner: Legion of Heroes (Online)

Summoner Legion of Heroes
Summoner Legion of Heroes

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