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Son in law’s Strongest Desire is a 30 Chapters Magical Realism novel by YourPumpkin, which has gotten more than 31.5 Thousand views on Webnovel. Read Son in law’s Strongest Desire summary and more below.

Son in law’s Strongest Desire Summary

The more he came near, the more Oliver had to control his desire for his wife, whom he had harbored for a long time. He also had to endure very bad treatment from his wife’s family because, in their eyes, he was just a trash son-in-law.

They didn’t know that Oliver was actually the strongest soldier who was hiding himself. And in an effort to prove himself, Oliver met a number of women who then encouraged him to fantasize wildly, and his loyalty was tested. Between passion and strength, Oliver lived his day and became a hero to those closest to him!

“Looks like Carla is taking a shower,” Oliver whispered to himself. His whole body rippled with desire.

Oliver stepped without taking his eyes off from the figure of the woman in the bathroom, who didn’t seem to notice his presence at all.

Unconsciously, Oliver rubbed the lower part of his stomach, which was now fully hardened like a security guard’s baton, as if rebelling to be released from its lair.

While taking off his underwear, Oliver looked up at the woman’s body in the bathroom, which seemed to squirm under the water as if inviting him to join her immediately under the shower.

Oliver dropped his underwear on the floor along with the rest of his clothes.

“You want to, right?” Oliver whispered as he looked down at his own, which seemed to nod as if to indicate that Oliver’s proud body part was ready for battle.

Oliver moistened his lips with the tip of his tongue and slowly reached out to push open the bathroom door.

The sound of running water and splashing warm water greeted Oliver as soon as the door opened.

Standing with her back to Oliver, Carla seemed to be enjoying the warm water pouring from the shower.

With skillful movements, Carla spreads the soap foam over her breast in a circular motion.

Not wanting to waste any more time, Oliver rammed into Carla’s body from behind.

He wrapped his arms around Carla’s breast.

At that very second, the woman in Oliver’s arms screamed and freed herself from the entanglement of Oliver’s arms.

She turned around, and Oliver immediately felt like he’d been electrocuted.

The woman he thought was his wife turned out to be Nancy, Carla’s sister.

Oliver’s body froze for a moment like a stone statue. But, even in that state, Oliver’s still stood tall as if challenging the woman in front of him.

Reflexively Oliver covered him with both hands, albeit with some difficulty due to his size.

Nancy’s eyes widened, and she didn’t take her eyes off Oliver for a second. She seemed to swallow as if she had run out of words because this was the first time she had seen and felt a grown man’s property in person.

As soon as she realized her shock, Nancy grabbed the bath towel hanging on the towel rack and covered her body.

“That’s crazy. You want to rape me, huh, I am your sister-in-law, bastard? Just watch out. I’ll report you to daddy!” Nancy scolded while fixing her bath towel.

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Son in law’s Strongest Desire (Webnovel)

Son in law’s Strongest Desire
Son in law’s Strongest Desire

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