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Serina: The Alpha’s Mate is a 134 Chapters Fantasy Romance novel by_frieyaVida, which has gotten more than 318.9 Thousand views on Webnovel. Read Serina: The Alpha’s Mate summary and more below.

Serina: The Alpha’s Mate Summary

As far as she could remember, she’s been able to hear voices in her head even if the person wasn’t really talking to her. She got into fights because of this and her parents got into argument because of her. She thought she’s abnormal. She thought she’s different. She thought that she’s something nonhuman.

And so, Serina learned to block the voices in her head when she turned 10 years old. She kept her secret from everyone including her parents. She didn’t want to be sent to a mental hospital just in case they’d think she’s going insane. From then on, she was able to live a peaceful life but, this changed once again on the day she left home to join a mountain camp with her friends.

They found themselves getting deeper into the forest but because the place was truly beautiful, they ignored the fact that they have trespassed someone’s property. They set up their tents and started to chill from the long hours of walk. Lucky for her, she decided to take a look around and found a wonderful lake at the heart of the forest.

The water was clear and she could see the blue sky being reflected on the water surface.

“I’ll take a dip. Just a short dip and I’ll leave.” She told herself while taking off her clothes. She folded her clothes and placed them on a large boulder before jumping into the cool water with so much happiness. She untied her braid and let her wavy hair fell right past her shoulders and onto the water. “This is amazing.” She whispered while swimming in backstroke.

“What are you doing here?”

Serina stopped swimming and looked around her. She thought someone crept around and was watching her swim but she didn’t feel any presence of human. She covered her chest with her arms while her eyes scan her surroundings. Then, her eyes caught sight of the most beautiful wolf she had ever seen.

Nicholas felt the presence of human who trespassed their property but since there were other wolves guarding the place, he didn’t bother himself to check on them. He was currently attending his sister’s birthday party and it would be bad if he leaves the place. He tried his best to ignore it but an unknown force was telling him to go. He followed this link and found himself standing at the edge of the lake, watching the most beautiful woman he ever laid his eyes on.

“What are you doing here?” It was just a passing question that someone would normally ask to a trespasser but he didn’t expect her to turn around and looked at him.

She had the most beautiful brown eyes. It shines when the sunlight hits them and she looked so gorgeous with nothing but water lapping on her bare skin. She looked scared at first, then her expression changed to one of surprise and happiness.

“Oh my god! Did you just talk to me?” She asked. Now this caught him off-guard. He didn’t know that humans can talk to them in their wolf form. He took a step back with wary reflecting his blue eyes, preparing to leave the place as soon as he could and inform his parents of the trespassers. “Oh no! Please don’t leave yet.” She swam towards his side of the lake but she realized that she was naked. “Wait a sec. Can you turn around so I could change?”

Like a perfect gentleman, Nicholas turned around to give her the privacy she needed. When she chuckled, he realized how foolish he was. Following her instruction only proved that he was talking to her so, he decided to disobey her order and looked back but he instantly turned his head away as if he was scared to face her. If he was in his human form, he’d probably have a hard on pressing on his jeans. He just found the sexiest body on earth and smelled the sweetest scent in his whole life. If possible, he just wanted to snuggle close to her, inhale her scent and get intoxicated.

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Serina: The Alpha’s Mate (Webnovel)

Serina The Alpha's Mate
Serina The Alpha’s Mate

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