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Second Life Ranker by SA Do-Yeon is a Korean Manhwa novel, It tells the story about Yeon-woo who had a twin brother that disappeared five years ago. One day, a pocket watch left by his brother returned to his possession. Inside, he found a hidden diary in which was recorded “By the time you hear this, I guess I will be already dead….” Read Second Life Ranker summary below.

Second Life Ranker Summary

Yeon-Woo is a handsome young man with short black hair and dark eyes. Due to being an athlete as a teen and a part of the army as an adult, he is very fit and has well balanced muscles.

With the Dragon’s Authority, Yeon-woo gains blue (Dragon)/black (Demon)/golden scales (God) all over his body except his face, large fangs in place of his teeth, bright yellow reptilian eyes, dragon wings on his back and claws on his hands and feet.

After transcending, his True Body was a huge dark-red dragon that would make most solar systems pale in comparison. The divine power of a God, the demonic magic power of a Demon, the magic power of Dragons, and even the fighting spirit of Giants… It seemed as though the power of the four races, all transcendent species, had been crammed into one existence.

Personality In the Story (


Yeon-woo is a hard-working and determined person who greatly cherishes his family.

Yeon-woo was different from his younger brother who did everything effortlessly. He often had to try over and over again to solve a problem, but he tried not to show the efforts he made, pretending he was doing fine. Unlike his younger brother who could be categorized as a natural genius, all his achievements all came from being a hard worker through which he was able to achieve results that are reflective of his effort.

However despite his rather advanced intellect and tactical genius, Yeon-Woo does indeed possess a childish side, where he was noted to possess a very bad sense of imagination when naming things and has a tendency of naming things with names usually though up by toddlers.

This is seen where he named the newborn Phoenix, “Chirpy” and when he obtained his Magical Dragon, he attempted to name it “Growl” and “Roar”. Although initially thought to be him being insulting and condescending, it was later revealed that Yeon genuinely did like those names despite their obvious childishness. This trait itself is seemingly shared with his niece, Sesha.

Later after finding out about his niece, Sesha and his face being revealed to Brahm, Galliard, Phante and Edora, Yeon was noted to have begun becoming considerably warmer and less cynical due to finally opening up to others. Unlike before where he regarded them with a level of paranoia due to his brother’s story, he has now begun to truly trust them.


However, his time in the military and his experiences in Africa render him quite cold in general. He possesses a quick and agile mind that is extremely useful in combat as well as strong intellect as an individual and although he was originally an extroverted person, over time, he has grown to become more cynical due to his younger twin brother’s disappearance and tragic death.

Yeon-woo was used to pushing himself to the limit. He would slam himself against the walls of limitation again and again until it would finally break down. And when he encountered another wall, he would continue to hit it until it broke once again.

As noted by numerous individuals, When Yeon-woo is focused on reaching a certain goal, he had the tendency to go through the absolute extreme methods to accomplish his goal with little care for the consequences it would bring himself and others. With him literally taking the phrase “treat yourself as a tool” to new heights of extreme.

This is seen numerous times where he had little hesitation endangering himself and using his own body as a tool to get his desired results. As seen where he recklessly endangered his body and tore it too shreds numerous times to increase his power and overcome his limits in order to overcome powerful foes, recklessly endangered his own soul and ego in order to defeat his enemies and increase his powers by accepting gigantic amounts of Powers offered to him by hundreds of Transcendents and then apathetically using his own body and soul as Guinea pig subjects for experimentations in developing his Dragon Body and simply mutilating his flesh and using Regeneration and healing magic to restore the damage and start over again.

This behavior and mindset has even caused his subordinates and allies such as Atran, Shanon, Hanryeong and Rebecca to outright deem him to be a inhuman monster and compared him to being a soulless killing machine that pretends to act human. This behavior was stated to even horrify and terrify Gods and Demons, such as the Snapping Turtle, who question him on what kind of inhuman agony and trauma he could have possibly gone through to give him such a soulless mindset.

The Hoarder

Another aspect of Yeon-woo’s personality is his apparent avarice, greed and hoarder like tendencies when climbing the tower, this is seen where in every Floor he visits and clears, he makes a point of completely clearing out the Floor of all of its hidden pieces, precious resources and whatever else of value from the floor for his own usage despite not actually needing them and takes immense personal satisfaction as he does so. Further traits of his greed and avarice is also seen when he fights strong opponents or a powerful clan, where he then makes a point of maximizing his gains from these confrontation, whether they involve him personally or not, in order to strengthen himself. This is seen where he makes a point of harvesting as much souls from any battle field he goes to build his army further or strengthen his familiars. Later upon gaining the interest of numerous immortals within the 98th Floor, Yeon even showed that he wasn’t above manipulating and conning Gods and the High Level Demons within the Floor to give him their powers and artifacts for his own benefit and later he would even go as far as actually steal from the Gods and Demons to further empower himself.

Yeon-woo was also shown to be a good negotiator and aggressive haggler, as seen where he was able to easily manipulate Atran into giving him high way robbery discounts and get him to cooperate with him despite his normally impossible disposition.

The Beast

The inner self of Yeon-woo that he keeps suppressed. It is a reflection of his days in the military as a hunting dog. This subconscious eventually melds together with the remnant ego of the Black King. When Yeon-woo is in distress or in situations where he is unable to handle things, the inner demonic beast manifests himself and reveals a battle frenzy side of Yeon-woo. This is shown when it uses the death authority of the Black King to kill Azrael.

Although crazed, it is still rational and aims at devouring Yeon-woo to become the main ego. Yeon-woo describes it as greedy, mainly due to the Black King’s personality as he confesses he does not have such traits.

As it is part of the Black King, the beast exists within all the apostles of the Black King and in turn can connect those apostles.

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Second Life Ranker
Second Life Ranker

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