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Searching for the Vampire’s Bride is a 20 Chapters Fantasy Romance novel by Dream Coffee, which has gotten more than 378.2 Thousand views on Webnovel. Read Searching for the Vampire’s Bride summary and more below.

Searching for the Vampire’s Bride Summary

Elvira had been surrounded by misfortune since she was born. Her parents had died on that day. Since then, her Aunt, who had adopted her, treated her like a slave and her Cousin always watched her secretly with lecherous gaze. Elvira’s greatest wish was to leave her Aunt’s home and to live independently after turning eighteen. Westley appeared on the very day she became an adult. From the very moment Elvira met him, she had believed he was the God sent from the Heaven to rescue her. Westley was the only heir to the largest clan of Vampires. He was handsome, cold and mysterious. Due to a conflict between family clans, he had been cursed since he was young and the curse had left a red, lightning bolt symbol on his left cheek. According to the curse, Westley was doomed to be killed by the woman he loved. She was his one and only Vampire Bride. Due to this curse, Westley hated women and always maintained a distance from them. However, after meeting Elvira on a trip to locate his Vampire Bride, he had felt the desire to possess her from first sight.
Westly: “Do you want me?” I could tell from her gaze that she desired me, but was too shy to admit it.
Her cheeks turned a shade redder with her drunkenness and her tender shyness greatly aroused my desire. I could not help but lean in to kiss her again. Her cheeks were turning redder and redder, and there seemed to be a fire burning in her eyes. I deliberately lowered my tone to whisper into her ear, “Do you want me?”
“Do you want me?” I repeated myself again. I wanted to hear her say it. I wanted to hear her desire for me, for my lips and for my hardness to caress her, rub her and enter her.
“Mm…” She let out a soft moan. Her body visibly trembled. She relaxed and slowly closed her eyes. This further encouraged me. I knew how to make her addicted to this. Thus, I came to possess her very first night.
My parents were both deceased. Since young, I had endured relentless humiliation and torture in my Aunt’s home and I always fantasised that I would leave this hateful and frightening place after becoming an adult.
On the night of my graduation ceremony, I fell in love with him at first sight. However, I did not dare to approach him. As I worried about missing the opportunity to speak to him, I decided to rely on alcohol to find the courage to kiss him.
On the night I turned eighteen, he made me his woman.
“Emma, I gave my first time away to him on the evening of the graduation ceremony, and he asked for me to continue seeing him!” I shared this happily with my best friend, Emma. I felt that this was the opportunity for me to leave my Aunt’s home and to begin living independently.
However, I had no way of knowing the dangers that laid ahead in my path

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Searching for the Vampire’s Bride (Webnovel)

Searching for the Vampire's Bride
Searching for the Vampire’s Bride

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