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S.E.N.S.E: God’s Favor is a 146 Chapters Fantasy novel by UnknownMaster, which has gotten more than 381.1 Thousand views on Webnovel. Read S.E.N.S.E: God’s Favor summary and more below.

S.E.N.S.E: God’s Favor Summary

After dying in a tragic arson incident, Ace was reborn with God’s Favor in a powerful family with his past memories on a new Earth where humans evolved into superhumans. His luck is so powerful that it can erase any bad luck and misfortune around him and anyone related to him. But he soon realized that the shadows of his past has caught up to him. His misfortune and bad luck from his past life have started to meddle with his new life.

Sensing the Godly powers within Ace’s body, an ancient immortal existence awakened. Her goal is to get her hands on God’s power. But due to her weakened state and the powerful superhumans around Ace, she failed to get near Ace. So, she hired the world’s No-1 retired Assassin, Mark, to take on the job.

The ancient immortal offered Mark a chance to resurrect his wife in exchange for Ace’s life. So, he took on the job of assassinating Ace. But, he got a plan of his own.

Thus begins the story of Ace and Mark, in the world of superhumans.

Far away, an unstable portal opened on an isolated island. A human emerged from that portal, bleeding and covered in violet flames.
“You took everything from me…”
“It’s time to pay back…”

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S.E.N.S.E: God’s Favor (Webnovel)

S.E N S E God's Favor
S.E N S E God’s Favor

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