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ROB’s Lottery Wheel is a 48 Chapters novel by Dragon15681, which has gotten more than 1.2 Million views on Webnovel. Read ROB’s Lottery Wheel summary and more below

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ROB’s Lottery Wheel Summary

ROB’s Lottery Wheel – Alexios Komnenos is a teen with a surname which raises eyebrows. Does he have connections to Ancient Byzantine Emperors? Well, it doesn’t matter.

That empire is long gone. But such a surname has left a mark on him.

Then one day he gets an APP with ROB’s name in it!

What could go wrong?

A waifu from a lottery wheel? Maybe the world change? Or some powers from an anime?

Just one of a few things.

Oh… And he gets a dungeon based on Dark Souls and Monster Hunter

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ROB’s Lottery Wheel (Webnovel)

ROB's Lottery Wheel
ROB’s Lottery Wheel

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