Return of the undying saint 

Return of the Undying Saint is a fantasy novel that tells the story of Rain, a young man who was betrayed and executed by his own family and friends for participating in a rebellion against the corrupt and tyrannical holy knights, who ruled over the southern dominion with an iron fist. He had always wanted to become a holy knight himself, but he was denied the opportunity due to his low birth and lack of talent. He had also lost his parents and sister in a dungeon break, a calamity that occurred when the monsters from the dungeons escaped and attacked the nearby towns.

Return of the undying saint Summary

The novel begins with Rain being resurrected by a mysterious force, which turned him into an incarnate of the angel of death, a powerful and feared being that could control the souls of the dead and the living. He soon realizes that he has a mysterious system in his mind, which gives him tasks and rewards related to death and destruction. He also discovers that he has a unique and powerful talent, the Death’s Eye, which allows him to see the life force and weaknesses of others, and to unleash devastating attacks with his deathly gaze.

With the help of the system and his talent, Rain embarks on a journey to seek revenge on those who wronged him and his family, while also seeking answers to his questions. Along the way, he meets many beautiful and powerful women, who become his partners in love and war. He also faces various enemies, allies, secrets, and mysteries, as he travels across the Seven Boundless Worlds, a vast and dangerous multiverse.

The novel is a mix of action, romance, comedy, and drama, with a lot of martial arts and fantasy elements. It has a fast-paced plot, witty dialogue, and a charismatic protagonist, who is both ruthless and charming. The novel also explores the themes of rebirth, revenge, friendship, and justice, as well as the different aspects of the Seven Boundless Worlds, such as weapons, techniques, factions, and realms.

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Return Of The Undying Saint
Return Of The Undying Saint

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