Resisting My Ex-Bully

“Resisting My Ex-Bully” is a romance novel that weaves a tale of unexpected love and redemption. Josephine Clairmont, a brilliant yet insecure tech genius, finds her life upended when her high school bully, Killian Blair, reenters her life as her new CEO. With her job lost and her world in turmoil, Josephine’s only hope lies in a daring agreement with Killian—posing as his girlfriend in exchange for a powerful position in his company. As old wounds resurface and sparks fly, Josephine must navigate the complexities of her past and present, discovering that sometimes, love can bloom in the unlikeliest of places.

Resisting My Ex-Bully Summary

I often wonder if I was cursed as a child since the amount of bad luck in my life seems almost supernatural. Despite being called a computer genius, my true talent remains unknown to most. While some say I’m beautiful, I hide my looks behind insecurities and loose clothing. After breaking up with my cheating boyfriend, my crappy job seemed like the only stable thing in my life—until I lost that too. The source of my tragedy had a name: Killian Blair. My bad luck struck again when my high school bully became the newly appointed CEO of the company I worked for. Naturally, his first decision was to fire me and my entire department, ruining my life just like he did in school.

I wasn’t sure whether the fact that he didn’t recognize me was a blessing or a curse, but I was determined never to meet him again. Unfortunately, fate had other plans. First, Killian managed to save me from an uncomfortable situation with my ex, and a moment later, rumors spread that I was his girlfriend. The tables turned when the mighty CEO needed to avoid scandals at all costs, even if it meant convincing me to act as if we were in a relationship. “Name your price,” he said with a smug smirk. “Do you want your job back?”

“Make me a director in your company. Only then will I act as your loving girlfriend,” I boldly demanded, thinking he would never agree. I underestimated his determination. “Deal,” he answered simply, fixing his eyes on me. “Just remember, Josephine Clairmont, you can’t go back on your word. Once you sign the contract, you belong to me.”

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Resisting My Ex-Bully
Resisting My Ex-Bully

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