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Pokemon – A real story is a 458 Chapters novel by TheSilverPrince, which has gotten more than 4.6 Million views on Webnovel. Read Pokemon – A real story summary and more below

Pokemon – A real story Summary

Pokemon – A real story – There is a huge gap between the story of anime and the realistic story of Pokemon. This light novel closes that gap and gives the viewers a believable and exciting story with lots of adventure.
Follow our protagonist Axel Blaze, a reincarnated person. With his knowledge of the previous Pokemon world, he hopes to dominate the world. But after he realizes how very wrong he was.

This novel has a system, just to make things fun, the story is not focused on it though.
“Success is like being pregnant, everyone says congratulations but nobody knows how many times you were fucked”
So this novel tells the story of Axel blaze but all points of hidden difficulty he has to face to get it to there.

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Pokemon – A real story (Webnovel)

Pokemon A real story
Pokemon A real story

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