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Overlord: Ancient one is a 50 Chapters novel by Clockwork_055, which has gotten more than 1.8 Million views on Webnovel. Read Overlord: Ancient one summary and more below

Overlord: Ancient one Summary

Overlord: Ancient one – I welcome you homies, Who searching for a Fan-fic to calm your nerves. Then you stumped upon the right place to relax.

This is your typical story where MC is reincarnated in the overlord world and is transported to the new world (like in canon). but due to a dimensional outbreak, the world is restarted once again (like the DXD world).

I know this is confusing but be patient and the story will be at a slow pace.

There will be a harem. well MC is transported to DXD world so harem is a must.

Smut:That is obvious, but smut only starts after MC arrives at the new world.

MC is OP, this is also an overlord fanfiction so what do you expect?

NOTE: None of the characters in this fanfiction is mine. expect the OC.

And for my hard work—do some charity by giving your pitiful Power stone, doing so you not only support me but you are also giving me the inspiration to continue writing this Fan-fic.

For misers who refused to do some charity—For them, I have nothing to say.

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Overlord: Ancient one (Webnovel)

Overlord Ancient one
Overlord Ancient one

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