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Oni Super Soldier is a 69 Chapters Fantasy novel by BoredAsura, which has gotten more than 344.3 Thousand views on Webnovel. Read Oni Super Soldier summary and more below.

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Oni Super Soldier Summary

Summary: Most worlds tell the story of the human who overcomes all odds and slays the demons. The elves of fae who manipulate nature in the name of worshipping yet condemn demons who do the same. The dragons who look down on all races yet somehow find the demons the most despicable of them all. But what about the demon’s side of the story?

In this world, there are 4 main continents: Terra, Land of the Humans and Heroes, Hel, Land of the Demons and Dark races, The Mystic Forest, Land of the Fae and the Elves, and Safari Land of the Beast-Kin.

Our protagonist is the child of one of the 7 Demon Lords of Hel. Watch as he grows and tries to live up to his parent’s expectations or shatter them and follow a dream of his own. Watch as this Oni shows all his true abilities as he helps the Demons secure peace for their nation.

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Oni Super Soldier (Webnovel)

Oni Super Soldier
Oni Super Soldier

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