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Mysterious Destiny is a 66 Chapters Contemporary Romance novel by MoonLight27, which has gotten more than 35.2 Thousand views on Goodnovel. Read Mysterious Destiny summary and more below.

Mysterious Destiny of Us Summary

She said,
“Fate is nothing but a question which the Deity throws, the answer… is the choices we make…”

He looked at the small figure in front of him and said,
“What you are saying is known as Destiny, because Fate is something… that you cannot avoid.”
Yoon Su Yeon is a simple-minded, focused and nerdy girl, living an average life until things suddenly started to change when she meets a doctor who happens to be part of the underworld.

Things started to get more complicated when some mysterious people from her past life starts emerging in her present life. They desperately want to change something monumental that happened in the past which left a lasting impact on them and don’t want to repeat the history. But without any recollection of her past, she doesn’t know whether she was even connected to it or not.

If she helps them altering that fateful event, what would happen to her current life?

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Mysterious Destiny of Us (Webnovel)

Mysterious Destiny of Us
Mysterious Destiny of Us

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