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My roommate is a devil is a 263 Chapters Fantasy Romance novel by nishidurani, which has gotten more than 863.6 Thousand views on Webnovel. Read My roommate is a devil summary and more below.

My roommate is a devil Summary

Now the most important rule,” he paused to gain her full attention and when he was sure, she was listening carefully he added, “we do not touch, or let others touch our body except shaking hands, and friendly hugs, no matter what’s the case.” 

Bella looked at him and blinked, “but you touched my ass, Alex.” she accused him again making him dumbfounded.

Alex coughed embarrassed, remembering how he  was enjoying touching her and even commented it was firm and perky.

“I was in sleep Bella, i did not know.” he was telling the truth.

But Bella added, “but you said in any case, Alex.” her reasoned left him speechless once again.

  Now what shall he do, if he said this was an exception, she would ask him to make a list of exceptions. 

He sighed, “okay, it was  a mistake Bella, i apologise.” he replied sincerely, he should not take advantage of her childlike innocence.

“It’s alright, let me touch your ass, and we will be equal”
Alex was broke, he doesn’t have enough money to pay his sisters fees and buy something for her for Christmas. He wanted to do something, special for her this Christmas, so he took the advice of his best friend to give his room on rent.

But due to Christmas holidays, he didn’t get any application from a man to take the room. In desperation, he accepted the girl who had asked many times for the room.

What he doesn’t know is, the girl is a demon ran away from the group who came to destroy the happiness of festivities.

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My roommate is a devil (Webnovel)

My roommate is a devil

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