My Mother Has a System but Won’t Use it

My Mother Has a System but Won’t Use it is a webnovel written by FamishedGod and published on Webnovel. It is a story of romance, cultivation, and taboo relationships in a fantasy world where power clans possess unique sacred powers. Read summary of My Mother Has a System but Won’t Use it below.

My Mother Has a System but Won’t Use it Summary

The protagonist, Han Li, is a young man who was born without a starlight spark in his soul, which is the source of sacred power in the Sacred Lust Continent. He is despised and neglected by his clan, the Starlight Family, except for his mother, Yue Li, who loves him unconditionally. She is the only person who knows that he has a hidden talent for alchemy, which he learned from a mysterious book that he inherited from his father.

On his 18th birthday, Han Li’s life changes drastically when he accidentally activates the Demonic Lust Sutra, a forbidden technique that grants him immense lust power and the ability to seduce any woman he desires. He also discovers that his mother has a system, a cheat-like device that can help her improve her cultivation and appearance, but she refuses to use it for some unknown reason. She only tells him that the system is dangerous and that he should never touch it.

Han Li decides to use his new power and alchemy skills to make his own destiny and protect his mother from the dangers of the world. He also wants to find out the truth behind his father’s death, the origin of his book and sutra, and the secrets of his mother’s system. Along the way, he meets and conquers many beautiful women, some of whom are related to him by blood, and some of whom are enemies or rivals. He also faces many challenges and enemies, such as the Dalki, a vicious race that invades the continent, the Dark Sect, a cult that worships the Demonic Lust Sutra, and the Heavenly Lust Palace, a powerful clan that wants to monopolize the lust power.

The novel is a mix of eastern fantasy, romance, harem, and mature content. It has 117 chapters as of now and is updated regularly. The author warns that the novel contains explicit scenes and taboo relationships, and is not suitable for readers under 18 years old. The novel also has a discord server where readers can interact with the author and other fans. You can read the novel on Webnovel by following this link: My Mother Has a System but Won’t Use It.

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My Mother Has a System but Won't Use It
My Mother Has a System but Won’t Use It

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