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My Best Friend’s Father is a 81 Chapters Romance novel by Thorns, which has gotten more than 474.4K views on Goodnovel. Read My Best Friend’s Father summary and more below.

My Best Friend’s Father Summary

This one is scandalous Would you risk it all for pleasure? Brandi and Gio were never meant to happen and should not have happened, but. one fateful night, an unexpected encounter, they both experienced fire they had never felt before, and for them, there was no turning back. His daughter’s best friend to the woman in his bed. Giovanni will have a hard time accepting Brandi is no longer the little girl he once knew.

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My Best Friend’s Father Reviews (Goodnovel)

My Best Friend's Father
My Best Friend’s Father

Maricela Castillo 
this was a very interesting read. at first I thought it was kind of weird, a girl dating her best friend’s father. but the way the author wrote the book it was just so captivating and just made you see the storyline In a Different Light.

What a great story this was. Absolutely amazing. It has everything you would want in a story and so much more. The author sucks you in right from the beginning and takes you on this roller coaster ride you never want to leave. Amazing work author!!!

Amber Neal 
Absolutely loves this book! The author takes you on an emotional roller-coaster ride. one minute you’re laughing, the next crying, then smiling, then angry as hell. Thank you to the author for taking their time writing this book.

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