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Mr President’s Wild Obsession is a 54 Chapters Romance novel by  Lucia Love, which has gotten more than 189.0K views on Goodnovel. Read Mr President’s Wild Obsession summary and more below.

Mr President’s Wild Obsession Summary

He accused her of seduction and was mean towards her after a one night stand. In retaliation, Mercedes threw a $1 note at him as payment for his service and a measure of his performance, which she graded to be below average. Meanwhile, her body ached terribly and her walls felt sore. Two days later, she walked to her new office and was sent to the board room to begin her job as a personal assistant to the President. Her heart stopped when she realized that the man she ridiculed was Nathan Legend.
The multi-billionaire devil everyone whispered about. Graciously, he pretended to not know her to her great relief. Yet, when she entered his office, he locked the door. His face carried no emotions, his eyes piercing, his voice chilled like ice. “You shall spend the rest of your life, paying for the insult you threw in my face, till I tear that $1 note off the wall.” She shivered to his word and as if to read her mind, he seethed, “don’t even think about resigning because, I would make sure, that no company employs you and if you run, I will find you.”

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Mr President’s Wild Obsession Reviews (Goodnovel)

Mr President's Wild Obsession
Mr President’s Wild Obsession

this is by far one of the best stories … I love the fact that there are no too many twist and turns. Also no long breaks or separation btw the leads, its absolutely perfect. Lucia is becoming my favourite author on this app. Keep writing lucia, you are gifted.

Malou Dimabayao Pa 
very good book. i. loved the character of NathN zmd mercedes. good story.

I just absolutely loved this story and its really endearing & riveting characters! The background characterizations were inventive, unusual & quite interesting, especially Nathan’s. Aside for some better editing should be done on the content, I just corrected as I read it, the story was v.well done

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