Mr. Geun’s Second Wife

Mr. Geun’s Second Wife By Syanja J.

Mr. Geun’s Second Wife Summary

Geun Jungwon is the most famous successful and well-settled businessman. Geun Eun-Hee is also known as a famous surgeon. After completing their university they got married and continued their careers. They were happy in their little world but one-day Eun-Hee met Seon Soon-Ja who was attempting suicide. Eun-Hee saved her and brought her into their house. Jungwon wasn’t happy with Eun-Hee’s decision as he felt something weird toward Seon Soon-Ja but his love for his wife more than anything. Jungwon respected Eun-Hee’s decision and agreed to let Soon-Ja live in their house, and then something changed all of their lives, something which they never imagined.

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Mr. Geun's Second Wife
Mr. Geun’s Second Wife

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