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Minister Son’s Bargained Bride is a 271 Chapters Contemporary Romance novel by Ella_Dominic23, which has gotten more than 232.3 Thousand views on Webnovel. Read Minister Son’s Bargained Bride summary and more below.

Minister Son’s Bargained Bride Summary

“I do not wish for too big nor too small. Just the right to feel human and be proud of that.”

Priyanka Kapoor, a 20 years-old lady, faced with a hard life after her father’s death, is forced to venture into the worst career she could imagine – dancing in public pubs!

With a dancing competition set in place, Priyanka sets her goal of winning to save her family’s situation.

When an unavoidable accident happens, causing her to miss her competition, Priyanka thinks all hope is lost. But, was it?

Or was there more when a dashing stranger who ruined her chances reappears with a strange proposal?

Karan, the arrogantly charismatic wealthy young man with a secretively messed up family, who has no regard for the lowborn, and is the eye of every young girl, finds himself marrying a girl from the SLUMS!

What could be the main reason behind his proposal? And how did she end up as a Bargained Bride

He brought his face so close to hers, that she thought for a moment, that theirs were going to meet. What was he doing? Who told him she was going to fall for this?

“Do not be stubborn, Priyanka”

“What do you say about my offer?”

“For my brother’s health, I will marry…”

“Not so fast,” a wicked smile appeared on his face.

He placed his lips, right before her ears and said “nothing goes for free, here. I have my terms and conditions.”

“I will provide you with all the money, you need in this world” the Billionaire’s voice rang in her ears. “Sign a contract with three rules and save your dear family.”
“What are these conditions?”
“Firstly, you will be a mother to my daughter. Secondly, this marriage will be built on trust, not love. You are not allowed to love another man or woman.”

“Lastly, you can’t divorce me. This marriage is forever and ever” his lips curved into a smile. It seemed he enjoyed tormenting her.

“What about…Uhm…sex? Are we going to stay from…”

“I never mentioned that, sweetheart. It is not part of the contract, because at the night we are husband and wife…we will teach each other, the wildest things in the world…”

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Minister Son’s Bargained Bride (Webnovel)

Minister Son's Bargained Bride
Minister Son’s Bargained Bride

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